Monday, April 14, 2014

A-OK! ~ Acts of Kindness ~ How To Help Over 465 People in 30 Days

Is Kindness the  key to a happy, healthy life? 
Are we actually attracting things we do not want into our lives? 

Author of Running With No Feet, Jemmie Adams, set out to embark on a 30 Day journey of Acts of Kindness. I am pleased to share this amazing story with you. A-OK has now touched over 500 people, and it is inspiring others to perform Acts of Kindness as well.

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This phenomenal story has now been covered by media outlets including the Jersey Journal, The Star Ledger and News 12 NJ. 
 It all began after receiving a call from Author, Jemmie Adams, requesting assistance in helping 465 people within 30 Days. We, Swag Productions', are honored to be a part of such an inspirational project, reaching so many people regardless of status or ethnicity. I was astonished, yet intrigued to hear of such a remarkable journey. You could feel Jemmies' love for people, the human race.

A-OK has now spread to towns , such as, Jersey City, Bayonne, Hoboken, Lyndhust and Newark, NJ. It has even reached cities out of state including Chicago and Evanston, Illinois. As well as Los Angeles,California.  

"Our greatest challenge,
became an accomplishment of our imaginations".
 Denise Goodson

Jemmie Adams' decision to perform A-OK comes from his belief that we, the human race, are All Connected. Doing good for others, puts positive energy into the world which takes on a boomerang effect. If you have a habit or character trait that you would like to change, you must replace it with a positive one for at least 30 consecutive days.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

DJ Bobby B ~ All Occasions, Any Event!

"I'm here to service you!" DJ Bobby B

Are you looking to add Entertainment to your next Event?

DJ Bobby B provides exceptional DJ Services to Businesses and Individuals within the Tri State area and abroad. Don't delay, make your next Event or Party pop with live DJ Entertainment!


Call to Book, DJ Bobby B for your DJ Entertainment needs. 
All Occasions and Any Event!

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Rebuild Your Credit! With Save My Future: Help Me Pay My Bills Foundation

Are your bills past due? Have creditors been calling you everyday?

Save My Future, Help Me Pay My Bills Foundation has the solution for you! Decrease your bills by 35% each month, and regain your financial independence.

Simply call the office of Save My Future at (201) 479 - 8932 or visit today!

                      Created by Swag Productions

Created by Swag Productions

Monday, December 30, 2013

O Nitty ~ The Show

O Nitty Performs Live!
 Such an amazing Live Performance, by O Nitty! Promoting his latest Hit Album Evelyn's Oldest Son, The O Nitty Story.

O Nitty, is the "Crowd Pleaser"! He stays connected with his audience from the beginning to the end of The Show. O Nitty gets up close and personal as he works the stage and floor.

No Fan or Supporter is left out, when O Nitty hits the stage. He shares personal details of his childhood and the death of his mother, Evelyn Joseph. O Nitty sheds tears with you.

A Spectacular Live Event!
With Ali Quan, of Arm Records
Go to
We, Swag Productions, had the honor of providing our Live Event Services! 

A.R.M. Records is an inspiration to many within our Community and abroad. Congratulations on your successful Live Event, keep up the good work!  

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Circle of Sisters 2013 ~ Running With No Feet, By Jemmie Adams

Circle of Sisters 2013
Jacob Javits Center,  New York, NY

What an amazing Event! So many guests and entrepreneurs Networking at The Circle of Sisters, which took place at the Jacob Javits Center, in the city that never sleeps, New York, NY.

Entertainment was everywhere, from live music to a chance at winning a HD Flat Screen TV. Each guest had the pleasure of receiving their personally Autographed Novels from their favorite Authors!

It's not too late for you to get your Autographed Book or Magazine! You can even purchase one as a Holiday Gift or Stocking Stuffer!

We, the staff of Swag Productions, simply enjoyed providing our Live Event Services and Promotional Solutions for such an extravagant Event and amazing Authors!

Plumster Bunny, by Craig Howard
Mark and Markus, Island Adventures
By Mark Mckenzie

Movement Magazine, Publisher & Founder, Rodney Wilson
Running With No Feet, by Jemmie Adams

Monday, October 28, 2013

Book Review: RUNNING WITH NO FEET, by Jemmie Adams

A Novel, That Keeps You On Your Toes

Intially I thought the book was a Sci Fi, or science fiction, novel. I instantly realized that this Novel is Action packed, with Comedy that lightens the intensity of the powerful pursuing the most intelligent. Any one of us could picture ourselves in a similar situation, working for our own powerful boss. 

Chapter one through Chapter 20, holds your attention with anticipation of who will survive. It all begins with a jogger finding two heads in a duffel bag, along with thousands of dollars, inside of a manhole. 

Running With No Feet, by Jemmie Adams
Steve, the main character and highly intelligent, created a computer program that was hacked into revealing things that are to never be made public. The file contains meetings held by a ruthless elite group, known as C2 or the Captains of Time.

Steve's family, along with whoever is  responsible for hacking into the program, are in danger. Steve must now elicit the help of former members of the Delete Troop, now turned renegades. The Delete Troop, is a group working for C2, which executes special hits and professional murders. Steve and Morestrick, a DT renegade, now prepare for the fight of their lives.

Each chapter, of Running With No Feet, are a good amount of pages and the author gets right to the point.  The twists and turns of the plot, captures you in the moment where you can visualize each character and sentence. It reminds me of the famous actor, Will Smith, in the hit movie 'Enemy of the State'.

What I like least is how the Novel ends just as C2 and Steve's renegade team prepare to fight head on, as it leaves you yearning to read more.

What I like most about Running With No Feet, is how intriguing the Novel is and I look forward to reading the sequel. Just knowing that chapter one will start off Action packed, with good and evil ready to 'settle the score' and stand their battle grounds.

Author, Jemmie Adams 

Running With No Feet

What an attention grabbing book, for thrill seekers everywhere! If you love to read or belong to a Book Club, look no further for your next Novel. 

Make time count while at the salon, taking a long ride, waiting on the bus or riding the train, Running With No Feet is entertaining and a fun read! Stay tuned for the next C2 Novel!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

ALBUM REVIEW: Evelyn's Oldest Son "The O Nitty Story"

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Telling It, Like It Is

I have had the pleasure of listening to O Nitty's latest Album entitled, Evelyn's Oldest Son "The O Nitty Story".  

O Nitty raps about what life was like for himself and his younger brother, before and after the death of their beloved mother, Evelyn. The Track "Come Rome", is so articulated that you can relate and have a clear mental picture of what life was like, for O Nitty.

Born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey, O Nitty gives descriptive lyrics of the obstacles faced growing up in the "hood". Although his home town is a community where employment is scarce and drugs, violence and poverty on the rise, O Nitty succeeds in rapping about a truly inspiring journey. He goes into great detail on the 'dedication anthem' track entitled, "My City".

O Nitty

An excellent Lyricists, O Nitty, speaks clearly for his listening audience to understand. He exhibits the ability to become so engaging, as he changes his tone of voice when the beat drops, and speaks about current social issues young adults are faced with. An Extraordinary Album. I believe it can relate to many men and women that have been faced with the decision to turn to the streets in order to survive.

O Nitty challenges those living that 'street or thug life' to reevaluate oneself on tracks, such as, "What's Your Motivation" and "All About That Money". His tone sounds assertive and confident, which causes you to believe O Nitty means business. O Nitty raps about making his own salary and being his own boss.

The beats on each track of the the Album have a party popping tune. O Nitty's flow on the hit track "Wave to Him", makes you want to two step and pop your neck. It reminds you of "It's Your Birthday", by the famous Curtis James Jackson III, better known as 50 Cent.

My least favorite track title is "Lebron James". The song's concept is hot, the beat gets you amped, and we all love the successful Lebron James of the NBA's Miami Heat, but the title throws me off to understanding the meaning of the song. My absolute favorites, which to me distinguishes O Nitty as a professional Artist, are "One Night", "Where You Wanna Go", "Stragg University" and "Bullet Proof".

My first impression of the Album cover was that it would be a throwback. After listening, came the knowledge for O Nitty's music on a more personal level. I grew respect and admiration for O Nitty's courage to succeed.

Sharing one of life's most difficult challenges, the death of a mother, shows the enormous amount of love O Nitty has for his Mom. A very special way of honoring her with his passion for Rapping.

You can listen to this album while getting dressed for a fun night out, looking for a new 'shorty', riding in your car, working out, or simply looking for inspiration and motivation. I believe this Album is a great representation of how others can grow and succeed, when faced with any adversity. This album is unique and adds a twist to the music industry as we know it. A genuine Artist, rapping about real life!