Monday, November 10, 2014

Newark Public Schools ELT Professional Development ~ PB

Empowering teachers and students everywhere!
Plumster Bunny 
Anti-Bullying Presentation

Is a bully a person that teases another? Being able to recognize the signs of bullying can save a child's life, by building their self-esteem and communication skills. Awareness is the best way to prevent bullying. 

During Newark Public Schools ELT Professional Development, teachers are presented with the PB platform which is a helpful classroom tool to developing healthy social relationships for people of all ages.

Plumster Bunny will enhance your classroom as reading, discussions and group activities engage students and gear classroom topics toward positive peer interaction.

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Friday, October 3, 2014

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Plumster Bunny provides you with the latest Children's Lifestyle Platform. Offering a dynamic presentation with powerful visuals which promote the PB brand. 


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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Lilibeth's Birthday Celebration!

It's your party, my party! Lilibeth

What a unique Birthday Celebration, as family and friends honored the birthday of Lilibeth. This awesome event featured star performances by Lilibeth herself along side, her husband.

Taken place at The Venetian, in Garfield, NJ. Ballroom Dancing was the highlight of the evening, with professional dance instructors ready to take the lead.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bully Free Zone: Plumster Bunny @ Forever Girls Inc.

Craig Howard, Author of Plumster Bunny 2, Bullies In Plumsterville, team up with Forever Girls Inc. for Bullying Intervention and Prevention.  A special presentation, open to  all, brings Bully Awareness to our Parents and Youth. 

Forever Girls Inc. is a Community Group with a  Mission to educate, empower, motivate, nurture and uplift our young ladies through various workshops which are designed to build a solid foundation for goal achievement.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A ~ OK! @ Sojourn Truth High School: Essex County Juvenile Detention Center

It's the little things, that make
 the greatest difference in the world...
Acts of Kindness ~ A-OK!
I sat down for a moment and tears of joy and appreciation began to flow. Although 30 consecutive Days of Acts of Kindness are completed, A-OK continues.

After reading The Star Ledger article, entitled In A Cold Month, His Kind Deeds Warm Hearts, written by Barry Carter,

determined teachers of the Sojourn Truth High School located within the Essex County Juvenile Detention Center invited Jemmie Adams and Denise Goodson to speak about the 30 Day journey of Acts of Kindness.

Barry Carter of The Star Ledger, explains why he decided to cover this unique story as students listened and asked questions. Our presentation, given during the Sojourn Truth Empathy Project focused on being Peaceful and Kind during the month of February.

Students were acknowledged with a certificate for displaying acts of Peacemaking among their peers. As music filled the air with Heal This Land I Call Home, by Eleanor Parker, Staff and male students began to praise dance.

Such an inspiring Event, which promotes world peace and positive change among the melting pot of our Human Race. The student body has accomplished the amazing task of making "Happy Signs" which are anti-gun and anti-violence quotes which will be hung throughout the City of Newark, NJ.

I am in awesome wonder, from the staff to the students the warm welcoming energy was felt. To our surprise, each of us were presented with a hand made gift. Their hospitality, will linger in our hearts forever.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

#Plumster Bunny ~ Author Craig Howard Live at Tachair Bookshoppe

 At what age should Bullying Prevention or Intervention be implemented into the lives of our Children?

Tachair BookShoppe
260 Newark Ave.
Jersey City, NJ 07302

Communication and Social Skills are the topics of the latest Hit Children's Novel, Plumster Bunny 2, Bullies in Plumsterville

Author, Craig Howard gives a live Presentation teaching important lessons such as, telling your parents before leaving the house and getting along with others while at the playground. 

We, Swag Productions', are pleased to provide our Live Event Services and Promotional Solutions. A fantastic event, reaching our children in a language that they can understand.

Monday, April 14, 2014

A-OK! ~ Acts of Kindness ~ How To Help Over 465 People in 30 Days

Is Kindness the  key to a happy, healthy life? 
Are we actually attracting things we do not want into our lives? 

Author of Running With No Feet, Jemmie Adams, set out to embark on a 30 Day journey of Acts of Kindness. I am pleased to share this amazing story with you. A-OK has now touched over 500 people, and it is inspiring others to perform Acts of Kindness as well.

Click Here

This phenomenal story has now been covered by media outlets including the Jersey Journal, The Star Ledger and News 12 NJ. 
 It all began after receiving a call from Author, Jemmie Adams, requesting assistance in helping 465 people within 30 Days. We, Swag Productions', are honored to be a part of such an inspirational project, reaching so many people regardless of status or ethnicity. I was astonished, yet intrigued to hear of such a remarkable journey. You could feel Jemmies' love for people, the human race.

A-OK has now spread to towns , such as, Jersey City, Bayonne, Hoboken, Lyndhust and Newark, NJ. It has even reached cities out of state including Chicago and Evanston, Illinois. As well as Los Angeles,California.  

"Our greatest challenge,
became an accomplishment of our imaginations".
 Denise Goodson

Jemmie Adams' decision to perform A-OK comes from his belief that we, the human race, are All Connected. Doing good for others, puts positive energy into the world which takes on a boomerang effect. If you have a habit or character trait that you would like to change, you must replace it with a positive one for at least 30 consecutive days.